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What is panel in Mac OS: or controls that users can work with while documents are open. Panel is.


panel definition

Explanation PANEL: A window that floats above other windows and provides tools or controls that users can work with while documents are open. Panel is not a user term; the equivalent term is window or dialog, as appropriate. See also document window

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Help Policy-Based Mechanizm:
Usage A system that requires authorization to perform a privileged operations panel definition.
Help Printing Session Object:
Usage An opaque data type used by the printing system to store information that’s needed by the page format and print settings objects, such as default page format and print settings values panel explain.
Help Package Properties:
Usage Installer package data that provides Installer details about the package itself, such as its identifier, version number, and resource fork processing panel what is.
Help Preemptive Multitasking:
Usage A type of multitasking in which the operating system can interrupt a currently running program in order to run another program, as needed. Compare cooperative multitasking panel meaning.
Help Package List:
Usage PackageMaker project window that lists the packages the project defines. This list is divided in two parts: the installation-package file (which contains all the product’s files) and the subpackages panel abbreviation.
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