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What is preset in Mac OS: A predefined set of parameter values for an audio unit. Apple Preset in.


preset definition

Explanation PRESET: A predefined set of parameter values for an audio unit

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Help Package Requirement:
Usage determines whether a package can be installed on the computer. A package requirement can be optional; such requirements display a warning to the user but allows the installation to proceed. Non preset.
Help Physical Address:
Usage a hardware device, such as a memory chip, can directly respond. Programs, including the Mach kernel, use virtual addresses that are translated to physical addresses by mapping hardware controlled by preset.
Help Pattern:
Usage A sequence of drawing operations that Quartz can repeatedly paint to a graphics context preset.
Help Program Portal:
Usage A restricted-access area of the iOS Dev Center that allows you to configure devices to test your iOS applications preset.
Help Print Dialog:
Usage displayed by an application in response to the user choosing the Print command—that solicits printing information from the user, such as the number of copies to print and the range of pages to print preset.
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