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What is public key cryptography in Mac OS: key is made public while the other (the private key) is.


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Explanation PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY: A cryptographic method using asymmetric keys in which one key is made public while the other (the private key) is kept secure. Data encrypted with one key must be decrypted with the other. If the public key is used to encrypt the data, only the holder of the private key can decrypt it; therefore the data is secure from unauthorized use. If the private key is used to encrypt the data, anyone with the public key can decrypt it. Because only the holder of the private key could have encrypted it, however, such data can be used for authentication . See also digital certificate , digital signature

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Help Project Info Window:
Usage In Xcode, the Info window for viewing and editing information kept at the project level, such as general information, project build settings, project build configurations, and project comments public key cryptography.
Help Process UID:
Usage process. Each process has three user IDs: the real user ID (RUID), effective user ID (EUID), and saved user ID (SUID). The RUID is always inherited from the user or process that executes the process public key cryptography.
Help Pacing:
Usage The distribution of the interpolated values of an animation across the duration of the animation public key cryptography.
Help Print Loop:
Usage The sequence of function calls that set up and execute the printing of a document in an application public key cryptography.
Help Pbuffer:
Usage See simple search public key cryptography.
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