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What is public key in Mac OS: without compromising the cryptographic method. See also public key.


public key definition

Explanation PUBLIC KEY: A cryptographic key that can be shared or made public without compromising the cryptographic method. See also public key cryptography

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Help Panel:
Usage floats above other windows and provides tools or controls that users can work with while documents are open. Panel is not a user term; the equivalent term is window or dialog, as appropriate. See public key.
Help Password:
Usage Data, usually a character string, used to authenticate a user for a service or application public key.
Help Phrase Searching:
Usage string to indexed terms, with the query string considered as a complete phrase. A match occurs when the exact query phrase appears in a document. Search Kit supports phrase searching in inverted and public key.
Help Product:
Usage An application or framework produced by Xcode public key.
Help Paper Rectangle:
Usage describes the size of a piece of paper on which a page is printed. This rectangle is defined in the same coordinate system as the page rectangle . Thus, the upper-left coordinates of the paper public key.
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