error quantization what is
What is quantization error in Mac OS: its quantized digital representation. Quantization can.


quantization error definition

Explanation QUANTIZATION ERROR: The difference between an original analog signal value and its quantized digital representation. Quantization can sometimes results in a signal-correlated noise called quantization noise . See also dither

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Help QuickDraw:
Usage The original Mac OS two-dimensional drawing software, used by QuickTime quantization error definition.
Help Quantization Noise:
Usage noise resulting from rounding errors when quantizing a series of data samples. Application of a dither signal during analog-to-digital conversion can decorrelate quantization noise from the signal quantization error explain.
Help Query:
Usage containing terms and operators, that represents a user’s information retrieval request. Various types of query supported by Search Kit include simple, prefix/suffix/substring, Boolean, phrase, and quantization error what is.
Help QTMA:
Usage QuickTime Music Architecture. The part of QuickTime that lets other code create and manipulate music tracks in movies quantization error meaning.
Help Quantum Computer:
Usage the logic gates are based on quantum phenomena such as electron spin rather than mechanical or conventional electronic components. Because of the superposition of quantum states (a consequence of quantization error abbreviation.
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