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What is QuickTime VR in Mac OS: explore and examine photorealistic three-dimensional virtual worlds.


QuickTime VR definition

Explanation QUICKTIME VR: A QuickTime media type that lets users interactively explore and examine photorealistic three-dimensional virtual worlds. QuickTime VR data structures are also called panoramas

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Help QTVR Track:
Usage A track in a QuickTime movie that maintains a list of VR nodes quicktime vr.
Help Queue:
Usage construct that allows for point-to-point messaging between applications. A message sent to a queue can be received by only one application. When several applications are subscribed to the queue, the quicktime vr.
Help QuickTime:
Usage authoring and rendering technology, implemented as a set of Macintosh system extensions or a Windows dynamic-link library that other code can use to create and manipulate time-based data quicktime vr.
Help QuickDraw:
Usage The original Mac OS two-dimensional drawing software, used by QuickTime quicktime vr.
Help Query:
Usage containing terms and operators, that represents a user’s information retrieval request. Various types of query supported by Search Kit include simple, prefix/suffix/substring, Boolean, phrase, and quicktime vr.
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