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What is realm in Mac OS: Kerberos authentication server and ticket-granting server. Apple Realm in.


realm definition

Explanation REALM: In security, a subset of a large network served by its own Kerberos authentication server and ticket-granting server

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Help Required Parameter:
Usage In AppleScript, a parameter that must be included for a command to be successful realm.
Help Request:
Usage A message conforming to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) sent from the user’s web browser to a web server that asks for a resource such as a webpage. See also response realm.
Help Recursive Handler:
Usage A handler that calls itself realm.
Help RIFF:
Usage Resource Interchange File Format. A minor variation on IFF that uses little-endian integers realm.
Help Reference Constant:
Usage An arbitrary data item available for use by a program to convey information for its own purposes in an operation or data structure realm.
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