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What is right-side bearing in Mac OS: may or may not be equal to the value of the left-side bearing.


right-side bearing definition

Explanation RIGHT-SIDE BEARING: The white space on the right side of the glyph; this value may or may not be equal to the value of the left-side bearing

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Help Relative Reference Form:
Usage In AppleScript, a reference form that specifies an object or location by describing its position in relation to another object, known as the base, in the same container right-side bearing.
Help RPC:
Usage Remote procedure call. An interface to IPC that appears (to the caller) as an ordinary function call. In Mach, RPCs are implemented using MIG-generated interface libraries and Mach messages right-side bearing.
Help Relationship Key:
Usage In relational databases, a key (an attribute) on which a relationship joins right-side bearing.
Help Real-Time Performance:
Usage Performance characterized by guaranteed worst-case response times right-side bearing.
Help Resize Control:
Usage The area in the lower-right corner of windows that users can drag to adjust the size of the window. It is not present if the window’s contents cannot vary in size right-side bearing.
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