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What is scriptability information in Mac OS: model for an application and maps it to application.


scriptability information definition

Explanation SCRIPTABILITY INFORMATION: Information that formally lays out the AppleScript object model for an application and maps it to application objects. Scriptability information specifies the terminology available for use in scripts that target the application. It also provides information, used by AppleScript and by Cocoa, about how support for that terminology is implemented in the application. See also scripting definition format , script suite format

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Help Sample Number:
Usage In QuickTime, a number that identifies the sample with data for a specified time scriptability information definition.
Help Snapshotting:
Usage A part of the Enterprise Objects optimistic locking mechanism, in which snapshots of database rows in memory are compared with the data in the database scriptability information explain.
Help Similarity Searching:
Usage query string, typically consisting of a representative portion of a document, to indexed documents. A match occurs when Search Kit determines significant content similarity between the query and an scriptability information what is.
Help Synchronous:
Usage Services, describes one of two ways to stop an audio queue. Synchronous stopping happens immediately, without regard for previously buffered audio data. In digital communications, a transmission scriptability information meaning.
Help Scheduler:
Usage The part of Mach that determines when each program (or program thread) runs, including assignment of start times. The priority of a program’s thread can affect its scheduling. See also task , thread scriptability information abbreviation.
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