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What is secret in Mac OS: Only a trusted application can read the secret of a keychain item.


secret definition

Explanation SECRET: The encrypted data in a keychain item, such as a password. Only a trusted application can read the secret of a keychain item. Compare attribute

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Help Standard State:
Usage A new window’s initial size and position (determined by the application). See also user state , zoom button secret definition.
Help Script Suite Format:
Usage providing scriptability information in the form of property list files, consisting of a script suite file together with a corresponding script terminology file. Compare scripting definition format secret explain.
Help SMP:
Usage multiprocessing. A feature of an operating system in which two or more processors are managed by one kernel, sharing the same memory and having equal access to I/O devices, and in which any task secret what is.
Help Submenu:
Usage A menu that descends from another menu. The title of the submenu is a menu item in the parent menu. See also hierarchical menu secret meaning.
Help Scriptable Application:
Usage An application that can be controlled by a script. For AppleScript, that means being responsive to interapplication messages, called Apple events, sent when a script command targets the application secret abbreviation.
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