serif what is
What is serif in Mac OS: and lower ends of the main strokes of a letter—for example, the little.


serif definition

Explanation SERIF: The fine lines stemming from and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of the main strokes of a letter—for example, the little “feet” on the bottom of the vertical strokes in the uppercase letter “M” in Times Roman typeface

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Help Safety Offset:
Usage audio unit or other audio device that specifies a time lag, in samples, to allow for improved robustness of driver operation. The safety offset required for a given architecture includes time needed serif definition.
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Usage A pair of identical keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. See also private key . Compare asymmetric keys serif explain.
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Usage A list in a dialog that uses scroll bars to reveal its contents serif what is.
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Usage The combination of at least one suite definition and one suite terminology that together define the scripting capabilities and terminology for Cocoa applications serif meaning.
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Usage elements that follows a particular AppleScript syntax. Statements can include keywords, variables, operators, constants, expressions, and so on. See also compound statement , simple statement serif abbreviation.
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