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What is setup assistant in Mac OS: options for a hardware device or software component. Apple.


setup assistant definition

Explanation SETUP ASSISTANT: A small application that guides users through the setup options for a hardware device or software component

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Help Spin/Sleep Lock:
Usage Any of a family of lock types characterized by some combination of the behaviors of spinlocks and mutex (sleep) locks setup assistant definition.
Help Shift JIS:
Usage Industrial Standard. A character encoding based on two JIS standards: JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208. Shift JIS consists of codes from the JIS X 0208 standard that are shifted to make room for older setup assistant explain.
Help Summarization Object:
Usage In Search Kit, an opaque data type representing summarization information, including the summary text. A summarization object is of type SKSummaryRef setup assistant what is.
Help Similarity Searching:
Usage query string, typically consisting of a representative portion of a document, to indexed documents. A match occurs when Search Kit determines significant content similarity between the query and an setup assistant meaning.
Help Styled Text:
Usage Text that may include style and font information. Not supported in AppleScript 2.0 setup assistant abbreviation.
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