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What is SGID in Mac OS: process to switch in and out of privileged mode. Apple Sgid in computers.


SGID definition

Explanation SGID: Saved group ID. The GID used by BSD to enable a privileged process to switch in and out of privileged mode

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Help Scheme-Definition Dictionary:
Usage A dictionary, specified in an application’s bundle information property list , that declares a particular URL type that the application claims to handle. Compare type-definition dictionary sgid.
Help Shading Language:
Usage A high-level language, accessible in C, used to produce advanced imaging effects. The Apple implementation of OpenGL supports ARB_shading_language_100 sgid.
Help Speech Pitch:
Usage a voice, from which the actual pitches of the speech can vary with rising and falling tunes. Pitch is a combination of the average speaking frequency and its variations around that average sgid.
Help Script Command Object:
Usage encapsulates all the information needed to perform an AppleScript command. Cocoa scripting creates script command objects in response to Apple events received by the application. A script command sgid.
Help Simple Value:
Usage A value, such as an integer or a constant, that does not contain other values sgid.
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