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What is sheet in Mac OS: user never loses track of which window the dialog belongs to. Sheets.


sheet definition

Explanation SHEET: A dialog attached to a specific window, ensuring that the user never loses track of which window the dialog belongs to. Sheets appear to slide out from underneath the window title and float above the window. A Print dialog is an example of a sheet. See also document-modal dialog

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Help Single Caret:
Usage text, the standard text-insertion caret. In mixed-directional text, one caret that appears at the place where the user will insert the next character, given the current keyboard script. At a boundary sheet definition.
Help Source Text:
Usage A stored sequence of character codes that represents a line of text. Characters in source text are stored in input order. Compare display text sheet explain.
Help SNR:
Usage Signal-to-noise ratio. The range, expressed in decibels, between a nominal signal level and the noise floor . Compare dynamic range sheet what is.
Help Static Text Field:
Usage Text in a dialog that users can’t modify sheet meaning.
Help Source Control:
Usage See visual context sheet abbreviation.
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