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What is Shift JIS in Mac OS: based on two JIS standards: JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208. Shift JIS.


Shift JIS definition

Explanation SHIFT JIS: Shift Japanese Industrial Standard. A character encoding based on two JIS standards: JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208. Shift JIS consists of codes from the JIS X 0208 standard that are shifted to make room for older Hankakukana codes from the JIS X 0201 standard

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Help Subpicture:
Usage A graphic bitmap overlay used in DVD-Video to create subtitles, captions, karaoke lyrics, menu highlighting effects, and so on shift jis definition.
Help Sparse SDK:
Usage An SDK that is not a system SDK. Sparse SDKs may be provided by third parties, or you can build them yourself shift jis explain.
Help Spring:
Usage Builder, an element in the size pane of the inspector window that controls the autosizing behavior of a view or control. When a spring is present, the width or height of your view grows and shrinks shift jis what is.
Help Script Mechanizm:
Usage software utilities that provides for the representation of a specific writing system. It consists of a set of keyboard resources, a set of international resources, and one or more fonts. Script shift jis meaning.
Help Script Suite:
Usage The combination of at least one suite definition and one suite terminology that together define the scripting capabilities and terminology for Cocoa applications shift jis abbreviation.
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