signal noe ratio what is
What is signal-to-noise ratio in Mac OS: See SNR. Apple signal-to-noise ratio in computers.


signal-to-noise ratio definition


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Help Speech Recognition:
Usage The ability for a computer to understand spoken commands or responses signal-to-noise ratio definition.
Help Snapshot:
Usage In Xcode, a view of the state of the files in project. Snapshots allow you to experiment freely with refactoring operations signal-to-noise ratio explain.
Help Safari:
Usage The default web browser that ships with OS X signal-to-noise ratio what is.
Help Snapshotting:
Usage A part of the Enterprise Objects optimistic locking mechanism, in which snapshots of database rows in memory are compared with the data in the database signal-to-noise ratio meaning.
Help SMP:
Usage multiprocessing. A feature of an operating system in which two or more processors are managed by one kernel, sharing the same memory and having equal access to I/O devices, and in which any task signal-to-noise ratio abbreviation.
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