message simple what is
What is simple message in Mac OS: ports nor pointers to data. Compare nonsimple message. Apple.


simple message definition

Explanation SIMPLE MESSAGE: In Mach, a message that contains neither references to ports nor pointers to data. Compare nonsimple message

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Help Symmetric Keys:
Usage A pair of identical keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. See also private key . Compare asymmetric keys simple message definition.
Help SOAP Engine:
Usage Application or framework used by web service providers and consumers to process SOAP messages simple message explain.
Help Setuid Bit:
Usage resource’s permissions code. When this bit is set to s , the system allows the process running it to masquerade as another user. For example, -r-sr-xr-x 1 root wheel traceroute allows the process simple message what is.
Help Superuser:
Usage See root user simple message meaning.
Help SUID:
Usage Saved user ID. The ID used by BSD to enable a privileged process to switch in and out of privileged mode simple message abbreviation.
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