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What is simpleroutine in Mac OS: value and has no out or inout parameters. It can be used for.


simpleroutine definition

Explanation SIMPLEROUTINE: In Mach, a remote procedure call that does not return a value and has no out or inout parameters. It can be used for asynchronous operations. See also routine

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Help Synchronization:
Usage See keyboard and font synchronization simpleroutine definition.
Help Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire:
Usage See SECAM simpleroutine explain.
Help Search Strip:
Usage In Xcode, a user interface element that appears below the Documentation window toolbar during a search. It allows you to choose a type of search simpleroutine what is.
Help Shift JIS:
Usage Industrial Standard. A character encoding based on two JIS standards: JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208. Shift JIS consists of codes from the JIS X 0208 standard that are shifted to make room for older simpleroutine meaning.
Help Shading Language:
Usage A high-level language, accessible in C, used to produce advanced imaging effects. The Apple implementation of OpenGL supports ARB_shading_language_100 simpleroutine abbreviation.
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