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What is Simulator in Mac OS: See iOS Simulator application. Apple Simulator in computers.


Simulator definition

Explanation SIMULATOR: See iOS Simulator application

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Help Summarization Object:
Usage In Search Kit, an opaque data type representing summarization information, including the summary text. A summarization object is of type SKSummaryRef simulator definition.
Help Sonogram:
Usage visualization of a signal’s frequency content. Typically, a sonogram’s horizontal axis is time, its vertical axis is frequency, and the visual intensity (in terms of color or dot size) of each simulator explain.
Help Spring:
Usage Builder, an element in the size pane of the inspector window that controls the autosizing behavior of a view or control. When a spring is present, the width or height of your view grows and shrinks simulator what is.
Help Speech Volume:
Usage The average amplitude at which the speech channel generates speech simulator meaning.
Help Scan Rate:
Usage A constant used in DVD Playback Services to specify the speed of play. A scan rate of 1x represents the normal playback speed; other scan rates are multiples of the normal speed simulator abbreviation.
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