single fork movie file what is
What is single-fork movie file in Mac OS: the movie resource in the data fork of the movie file.


single-fork movie file definition

Explanation SINGLE-FORK MOVIE FILE: A QuickTime movie file that stores both the movie data and the movie resource in the data fork of the movie file. You can use single-fork movie files to ease the exchange of QuickTime movie data between Macintosh computers and other computer systems

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Help Sampling Frequency:
Usage An alternate name for sample rate single-fork movie file definition.
Help Shadow Object:
Usage memory object that holds modified pages that originally belonged to another memory object. It is used when an object that was duplicated in a copy-on-write fashion is modified. If a page is not found single-fork movie file explain.
Help Server:
Usage provides services to other processes (clients) in the same or other computers. In source control, a server is the process that modifies the repository. (2) A computer running OS X Server single-fork movie file what is.
Help Sonogram:
Usage visualization of a signal’s frequency content. Typically, a sonogram’s horizontal axis is time, its vertical axis is frequency, and the visual intensity (in terms of color or dot size) of each single-fork movie file meaning.
Help Segmented Control:
Usage A control for changing modes or views; each segment represents a different state single-fork movie file abbreviation.
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