slice what is
What is slice in Mac OS: rendering cycle of an audio unit . See also frame. Apple Slice in.


slice definition

Explanation SLICE: The number of frames requested and processed during one rendering cycle of an audio unit . See also frame

More definitions for Mac OS users such as slice in Dictionary S.

Help Sync Sample:
Usage A sample that does not rely on preceding frames for content. See also key frame slice.
Help Security Server:
Usage OS X and iOS that implements security protocols for such purposes as encryption, decryption, and authorization computation. The use of the Security Server to perform actions with cryptographic keys slice.
Help Scroll Arrows:
Usage Small buttons that appear on the scroll control that let the user incrementally advance the scrollers without dragging slice.
Help SWF File:
Usage A file that contains Flash data. See Flash slice.
Help SCSI:
Usage Small Computer Systems Interface. A standard connector and communications protocol used for connecting devices such as disk drives to computers slice.
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