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What is smart swash in Mac OS: A variation of an existing glyph (often ornamental) that is.


smart swash definition

Explanation SMART SWASH: A variation of an existing glyph (often ornamental) that is contextual. Compare swash

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Help Status Bar:
Usage In Xcode, an area at the bottom of the project window that displays messages generated when building or running the project smart swash definition.
Help Setter:
Usage In refactoring code, the method to use to set the value of the transformation item smart swash explain.
Help Script Editor:
Usage An application distributed with OS X that provides a basic environment for editing, compiling, and executing scripts smart swash what is.
Help Scriptability Information:
Usage formally lays out the AppleScript object model for an application and maps it to application objects. Scriptability information specifies the terminology available for use in scripts that target the smart swash meaning.
Help Syntax Formatting:
Usage In Xcode, formatting that uses different fonts and colors to identify particular elements in a source code file, such as keywords and comments smart swash abbreviation.
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