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What is source group in Mac OS: window that contains references to actual files somewhere on the.


source group definition

Explanation SOURCE GROUP: In Xcode, a group inside a project group in the source window that contains references to actual files somewhere on the hard disk

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Help Synonym:
Usage information retrieval system considers to be equivalent to another term for both indexing and querying. For example, an IR system could define “car,” “passenger vehicle,” and “automobile” to be source group definition.
Help SDK:
Usage Software Development Kit. A complete set of header files and stub libraries as shipped in a particular version of OS X source group explain.
Help Source List:
Usage A list in a pane of an application window used to organize and navigate data. The width of the pane is adjustable. The Finder sidebar is an example of a source list source group what is.
Help Strip Style:
Usage In Xcode, specifies the level of stripping performed when dead-code stripping is enabled. There are three levels of stripping available: all symbols, nonglobal symbols, debugging symbols source group meaning.
Help Script Mechanizm:
Usage software utilities that provides for the representation of a specific writing system. It consists of a set of keyboard resources, a set of international resources, and one or more fonts. Script source group abbreviation.
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