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What is speech synthesis in Mac OS: The ability for a computer to audibly communicate in the.


speech synthesis definition

Explanation SPEECH SYNTHESIS: The ability for a computer to audibly communicate in the language of the user

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Help Strength:
Usage amount of effort required to break a security system. For example, the strength of RSA encryption is believed to be related to the difficulty of factoring the product of two large prime numbers speech synthesis definition.
Help Swash:
Usage A variation of an existing glyph (often ornamental) that is noncontextual. Compare smart swash speech synthesis explain.
Help Secret:
Usage The encrypted data in a keychain item, such as a password. Only a trusted application can read the secret of a keychain item. Compare attribute speech synthesis what is.
Help Symbolic Link:
Usage reference to files and folders in UFS file systems. A symbolic link allows multiple references to files and folders without requiring multiple copies of these items. Symbolic links are fragile speech synthesis meaning.
Help SGID:
Usage Saved group ID. The GID used by BSD to enable a privileged process to switch in and out of privileged mode speech synthesis abbreviation.
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