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What is spool in Mac OS: daemon) that puts them in a queue for later processing. The print spooler.


spool definition

Explanation SPOOL: To send files to a device or program (called a spooler or daemon) that puts them in a queue for later processing. The print spooler controls output of jobs to a printer. Other devices, such as plotters and input devices, can also have spoolers

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Help Scripting Addition Command:
Usage A command that is implemented as a scripting addition spool definition.
Help Shared Secret Authentication:
Usage An authentication method based on a secret known to only the two parties involved. Verification of passwords is a commonly used shared secret authentication method spool explain.
Help Slider Control:
Usage A control enabling users to choose among a continuous range of allowable values. Slider controls can be horizontal or vertical and can display incremental tick marks spool what is.
Help Scrolling List:
Usage A list in a dialog that uses scroll bars to reveal its contents spool meaning.
Help Small Mechanizm Font:
Usage The font used for informative text in alerts, headers in lists, help tags, and text in the small versions of many controls. It is 11-point Lucida Grande Regular spool abbreviation.
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