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What is stemming in Mac OS: inflectional word components, typically endings. Language dependent.


stemming definition

Explanation STEMMING: The algorithm-based removal of morphological and inflectional word components, typically endings. Language dependent. Stemming is sometimes referred to as suffix stripping, although some stemming algorithms perform prefix stripping as well. Information retrieval systems use stemming to improve search quality and to reduce index size. Search Kit does not support stemming; if needed, client applications implement it. Some stemming algorithms handle only regular variants, such as converting “swimming” to “swim,” and do not handle irregular variants, such as converting “swam” to “swim.”

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Help Sound Field:
Usage space in which a sound is produced, conveyed to a listener, and perceived. In audio reproduction, the virtual space from which a monaural sound can seem to emanate. See also spatialization stemming definition.
Help Service:
Usage Kit entity, based on a subclass of IOService, that has been published with the registerService method and provides certain capabilities to other I/O Kit objects. In the I/O Kit’s layered stemming explain.
Help Simple Message:
Usage In Mach, a message that contains neither references to ports nor pointers to data. Compare nonsimple message stemming what is.
Help Suffix Stripping:
Usage See stemming stemming meaning.
Help Shadow:
Usage An image painted underneath, and offset from, a graphics object such that the shadow mimics the effect of a light source cast on the graphics object stemming abbreviation.
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