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What is stemming in Mac OS: inflectional word components, typically endings. Language dependent.


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Explanation STEMMING: The algorithm-based removal of morphological and inflectional word components, typically endings. Language dependent. Stemming is sometimes referred to as suffix stripping, although some stemming algorithms perform prefix stripping as well. Information retrieval systems use stemming to improve search quality and to reduce index size. Search Kit does not support stemming; if needed, client applications implement it. Some stemming algorithms handle only regular variants, such as converting “swimming” to “swim,” and do not handle irregular variants, such as converting “swam” to “swim.”

More definitions for Mac OS users such as stemming in Dictionary S.

Help Scripting Definition Format:
Usage that describes a set of scriptability terms and the commands, classes, constants, and other information used to support an application’s scriptability. Also called sdef format. Compare script suite stemming.
Help Setup Assistant:
Usage A small application that guides users through the setup options for a hardware device or software component stemming.
Help Static Text Field:
Usage Text in a dialog that users can’t modify stemming.
Help Scene:
Usage See chapter stemming.
Help Spin/Sleep Lock:
Usage Any of a family of lock types characterized by some combination of the behaviors of spinlocks and mutex (sleep) locks stemming.
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