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What is storage order in Mac OS: Storage order may be different from display order. Apple Order.


storage order definition

Explanation STORAGE ORDER: The order in which character codes are stored in memory. Storage order may be different from display order

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Help Speech Pitch:
Usage a voice, from which the actual pitches of the speech can vary with rising and falling tunes. Pitch is a combination of the average speaking frequency and its variations around that average storage order definition.
Help SMP:
Usage multiprocessing. A feature of an operating system in which two or more processors are managed by one kernel, sharing the same memory and having equal access to I/O devices, and in which any task storage order explain.
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Usage A command that is implemented as a scripting addition storage order what is.
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Usage providing scriptability information in the form of property list files, consisting of a script suite file together with a corresponding script terminology file. Compare scripting definition format storage order meaning.
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Usage Management repository. A code database used to enable the collaborative development of large projects by multiple engineers. An SCM repository is managed by specific tools (such as CVS and Subversion storage order abbreviation.
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