string what is
What is string in Mac OS: In AppleScript, a synonym for the text class. Apple String in computers.


string definition

Explanation STRING: In AppleScript, a synonym for the text class

More definitions for Mac OS users such as string in Dictionary S.

Help Software Development Kit:
Usage See VM string definition.
Help Standard Roman Character Set:
Usage and character codes that are supplied with the Macintosh Roman script system. The Standard Roman character set consists of the Macintosh character set plus additional defined characters with string explain.
Help Shared Workgroup Build:
Usage In Xcode, a distributed build that works best with small to medium-sized projects that use up to ten build servers string what is.
Help Stroke:
Usage 1) A drawing operation that follows a path. (2) In Ink Services, an array of points that define the path of the stylus, starting with a stylus-down event and ending when the stylus is lifted string meaning.
Help SCM Repository:
Usage Management repository. A code database used to enable the collaborative development of large projects by multiple engineers. An SCM repository is managed by specific tools (such as CVS and Subversion string abbreviation.
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