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What is stroke in Mac OS: Services, an array of points that define the path of the stylus, starting.


stroke definition

Explanation STROKE: (1) A drawing operation that follows a path. (2) In Ink Services, an array of points that define the path of the stylus, starting with a stylus-down event and ending when the stylus is lifted

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Help Status Bar:
Usage In Xcode, an area at the bottom of the project window that displays messages generated when building or running the project stroke definition.
Help Symmetric Multiprocessing:
Usage See SMP stroke explain.
Help Similarity Searching:
Usage query string, typically consisting of a representative portion of a document, to indexed documents. A match occurs when Search Kit determines significant content similarity between the query and an stroke what is.
Help SMP:
Usage multiprocessing. A feature of an operating system in which two or more processors are managed by one kernel, sharing the same memory and having equal access to I/O devices, and in which any task stroke meaning.
Help Symmetric Keys:
Usage A pair of identical keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. See also private key . Compare asymmetric keys stroke abbreviation.
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