keys symmetric what is
What is symmetric keys in Mac OS: See also private key . Compare asymmetric keys. Apple Keys.


symmetric keys definition

Explanation SYMMETRIC KEYS: A pair of identical keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. See also private key . Compare asymmetric keys

More definitions for Mac OS users such as symmetric keys in Dictionary S.

Help Style Run:
Usage A sequence of text that is contiguous in memory and in which all the characters are in the same style. Compare text run symmetric keys definition.
Help Standard Roman Character Set:
Usage and character codes that are supplied with the Macintosh Roman script system. The Standard Roman character set consists of the Macintosh character set plus additional defined characters with symmetric keys explain.
Help Script Editor:
Usage An application distributed with OS X that provides a basic environment for editing, compiling, and executing scripts symmetric keys what is.
Help Setuid Bit:
Usage resource’s permissions code. When this bit is set to s , the system allows the process running it to masquerade as another user. For example, -r-sr-xr-x 1 root wheel traceroute allows the process symmetric keys meaning.
Help Suite Definition:
Usage A property list that describes scriptable objects in terms of their attributes, relationships, and supported commands symmetric keys abbreviation.
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