multiprocessing symmetric what is
What is symmetric multiprocessing in Mac OS: See SMP. Apple Multiprocessing Symmetric in computers.


symmetric multiprocessing definition


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Help SGML:
Usage Standard Generalized Markup Language. A language that allows the creation of sharable documents with a formal type and element structure symmetric multiprocessing definition.
Help Search Result:
Usage In Xcode, the set of documents that meet search criteria symmetric multiprocessing explain.
Help Simple Statement:
Usage In AppleScript, a statement that can be written on a single line. See also compound statement symmetric multiprocessing what is.
Help Shift JIS:
Usage Industrial Standard. A character encoding based on two JIS standards: JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208. Shift JIS consists of codes from the JIS X 0208 standard that are shifted to make room for older symmetric multiprocessing meaning.
Help Stroke:
Usage 1) A drawing operation that follows a path. (2) In Ink Services, an array of points that define the path of the stylus, starting with a stylus-down event and ending when the stylus is lifted symmetric multiprocessing abbreviation.
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