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What is sync in Mac OS: the clocks of two or more systems remain locked together, counting at the.


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Explanation SYNC: Short for synchronization. (1) The process of ensuring that the clocks of two or more systems remain locked together, counting at the same rate. This term is commonly used in the context of locking an audio track to a video track. See also clock , clock drift , SMPTE timecode . (2) In a printing dialog extension, a procedure that maintains the correspondence between the current user interface settings and their recorded values in a job ticket. (3) In Sync Services, the process of establishing and maintaining data consistency between multiple clients

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Help SMB:
Usage Block. A file-sharing protocol used on Windows and UNIX systems. SMB can also be used to share printers and has calls to authenticate users. It runs over several different types of networks sync.
Help Script Editor:
Usage An application distributed with OS X that provides a basic environment for editing, compiling, and executing scripts sync.
Help Simple Value:
Usage A value, such as an integer or a constant, that does not contain other values sync.
Help SSL:
Usage Layer. A protocol that provides secure communication over a TCP/IP connection. It uses digital certificate s for authentication and digital signature s to ensure message integrity, and can use public sync.
Help Stack Frame:
Usage In Xcode, information the debugger stores about each function call that your program makes sync.
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