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What is synonym in Mac OS: to be equivalent to another term for both indexing and querying. For.


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Explanation SYNONYM: (1) A term that an information retrieval system considers to be equivalent to another term for both indexing and querying. For example, an IR system could define “car,” “passenger vehicle,” and “automobile” to be synonyms. See also index , information retrieval , query . (2) An AppleScript word, phrase, or language element that has the same meaning as another AppleScript word, phrase, or language element. For example, the operator does not equal is a synonym for ?

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Help Script Object:
Usage A user-defined object, combining data (in the form of properties) and handlers, that can be used in a script synonym definition.
Help Spin/Sleep Lock:
Usage Any of a family of lock types characterized by some combination of the behaviors of spinlocks and mutex (sleep) locks synonym explain.
Help Sample Period:
Usage The time span from one sample to the next. The inverse of sample rate synonym what is.
Help Simulator:
Usage See iOS Simulator application synonym meaning.
Help Similarity Searching:
Usage query string, typically consisting of a representative portion of a document, to indexed documents. A match occurs when Search Kit determines significant content similarity between the query and an synonym abbreviation.
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