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What is syntax description in Mac OS: The rules for constructing a valid AppleScript statement of a.


syntax description definition

Explanation SYNTAX DESCRIPTION: The rules for constructing a valid AppleScript statement of a particular type

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Help Stylus:
Usage A hand-held instrument used to enter data into the computer. Also referred to as a pen syntax description definition.
Help Scroll Arrows:
Usage Small buttons that appear on the scroll control that let the user incrementally advance the scrollers without dragging syntax description explain.
Help Single Signon:
Usage security system whereby users provide authentication credentials (such as user ID and password) only once, after which they can access additional services without reauthenticating. See also syntax description what is.
Help Shadow:
Usage An image painted underneath, and offset from, a graphics object such that the shadow mimics the effect of a light source cast on the graphics object syntax description meaning.
Help Search Result:
Usage In Xcode, the set of documents that meet search criteria syntax description abbreviation.
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