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What is transmission channel in Mac OS: A hardware or software conduit for the conveyance of a data.


transmission channel definition

Explanation TRANSMISSION CHANNEL: A hardware or software conduit for the conveyance of a data stream or an analog signal

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Help Ticket-Granting Server:
Usage In Kerberos , the server that issues a ticket when presented with a TGT (ticket-granting ticket). See also KDC transmission channel definition.
Help Timecode Media:
Usage A media structure of type 'tmcd' that is used to store timecode data transmission channel explain.
Help Transition Animation:
Usage An animation that uses a Core Image filter to apply a visual effect to an animation object being displayed or hidden transmission channel what is.
Help Type-Definition Dictionary:
Usage A dictionary, specified in an application’s bundle information property list , that declares a particular document type that the application claims to handle. Compare scheme-definition dictionary transmission channel meaning.
Help Transaction:
Usage A set of actions that is treated as a single operation that either succeeds completely (commit) or fails completely (rollback transmission channel abbreviation.
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