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What is user ID in Mac OS: Data, usually a character string, used to identify a user for a service.


user ID definition

Explanation USER ID: Data, usually a character string, used to identify a user for a service or application

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Help UPP:
Usage pointer. A generalized procedure pointer that allows code with different calling conventions to call each other. Some Carbon functions require you to pass UPPs for callbacks because the calling user id definition.
Help User-Defined Command:
Usage In AppleScript, a command that is implemented by a handler defined in a script object user id explain.
Help USB:
Usage Bus. A multiplatform bus standard for connecting hardware devices, such as computers, keyboards, and audio devices. Specified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), an international industry user id what is.
Help UPL:
Usage Universal page list. A data structure used when communicating with the virtual memory system. UPLs can be used to change the behavior of pages with respect to caching, permissions, mapping, and so on user id meaning.
Help UUID:
Usage Universally Unique Identifier. A type of UID or GID that is unique across all systems and all networks user id abbreviation.
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