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What is vector processor in Mac OS: numbers simultaneously. Also called an array processor. Apple.


vector processor definition

Explanation VECTOR PROCESSOR: A processor that can perform arithmetic on several pairs of numbers simultaneously. Also called an array processor

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Help View Rectangle:
Usage In MLTE, the rectangle defining the portion of the window within which text is actually displayed. Text drawn in the destination rectangle is made visible to the application user in the view rectangle vector processor.
Help Versioned Bundle:
Usage A type of bundle that allows for multiple versions of framework code and header files to be stored inside the bundle vector processor.
Help Vnode:
Usage An in-memory data structure containing information about a file vector processor.
Help v2:
Usage In Core Audio, the current version of the audio unit interface, recommended since OS X v10.2 and the only supported version starting with OS X v10.5. Compare V1 vector processor.
Help Volume:
Usage device or a portion of a storage device that is formatted to contain folders and files of a particular file system. A hard disk, for example, may be divided into several volumes (also known as vector processor.
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