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What is version number in Mac OS: See revision number. Apple Number Version in computers.


version number definition

Explanation VERSION NUMBER: See revision number

More definitions for Mac OS users such as version number in Dictionary V.

Help v1:
Usage original version of the audio unit interface, deprecated in OS X v10.2 and unsupported starting in OS X v10.5. V1 audio units differ from V2 audio units in that they supported fan out , supported version number.
Help Volume Format:
Usage file and folder (directory) information on a hard disk, a partition of a hard disk, a CD-ROM, or some other volume mounted on a computer system. Volume formats can specify such things as multiple version number.
Help Virtual Source:
Usage A designation by a software MIDI device indicating that it can transmit MIDI data. Compare virtual destination version number.
Help Vector Index:
Usage In Search Kit, an index containing document URL objects, as keys, mapped to the terms that each document contains. See also index , inverted index , inverted-vector index version number.
Help Virtual Address:
Usage that is usable by software. Each task has its own range of virtual addresses, which begins at address zero. The Mach operating system makes the CPU hardware map these addresses onto physical memory version number.
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