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What is web application in Mac OS: documents and other resources. This structure can be deployed on.


web application definition

Explanation WEB APPLICATION: A file structure that contains servlets, JSP pages, HTML documents and other resources. This structure can be deployed on any servlet-enabled web server

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Help Window Menu:
Usage A menu that contains commands for managing document windows. The menu lists an application’s open document windows, including minimized windows, in the order in which they were opened web application.
Help Weighting:
Usage adjustment of a measurement to highlight a particular criterion. For example, SPL (sound pressure level) measurements can be weighted to approximate how people perceive sound, placing more emphasis web application.
Help With-Stream Shift:
Usage A uniform shift parallel to the baseline of the positions of individual pairs or sets of glyphs in the style run. Compare cross-stream shift web application.
Help Web Service:
Usage A network-based repository of processes or tasks that can be used by applications to access data or execute operations across disparate platforms web application.
Help WebObjects Deployment:
Usage that allows you to deploy WebObjects applications on an intranet or the web. It includes tools to design applications using an object-oriented approach. You need to install a WebObjects deployment web application.
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