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What is WSS-Core in Mac OS: that defines a set of SOAP extensions that can be used to provide.


WSS-Core definition

Explanation WSS-CORE: Web Services Security Core Specification. A specification that defines a set of SOAP extensions that can be used to provide message-level data integrity and confidentiality

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Help WebDAV:
Usage Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. An extension of HTTP that allows collaborative file management on the web wss-core definition.
Help Web Component:
Usage An object (of the WOComponent class) that represents a webpage or a reusable portion of one wss-core explain.
Help Writing Mechanizm:
Usage and the basic rules for their use in creating a visual depiction of language. Writing systems may differ in the direction in which their characters and lines run, the size of the character set used wss-core what is.
Help Wildcard Character:
Usage a query that indicates matching on any character. In Search Kit, the wildcard character is the asterisk. Depending on usage, the wildcard character can indicate prefix, suffix, or substring wss-core meaning.
Help WaitNextEvent:
Usage The function that drove the event loop in older versions of the Mac OS. See also Classic Event Manager wss-core abbreviation.
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