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Definition of Copy Propagation for programmer: compiler, is the process of replacing the.


Definition Copy Propagation

Explanation COPY PROPAGATION: Copy propagation, a optimization technique in the program compiler, is the process of replacing the occurrences of targets of direct assignments with their values. A direct assignment is an instruction of the form x = y, which simply assigns the value of y to x. Copy propagation is a useful "clean up" optimization frequently used after other optimizations have already been run.

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Manual Chinook Checkers Program:
Help first computer program that won the world checker champion title in the competition against humans. Chinook program's algorithm includes an opening book, a library of opening moves, from games copy propagation.
Manual Cedega:
Help known as WineX, is TransGaming Technologies' proprietary fork of Wine, which is designed specifically for running games written for Microsoft Windows under Linux. As such, its primary focus is copy propagation.
Manual CAMA: Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal:
Help Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) is a generic term for any software package used by government agencies to help establish real estate appraisals for property tax calculations copy propagation.
Manual Copycat:
Help the tendency of humans to duplicate the behavior of others. Copycat is also the name of a model of analogy making and human cognition based on the concept of the parallel terraced scan, developed by copy propagation.
Manual CIF: Common Intermediate Format:
Help Format (CIF) is a video format used in videoconferencing systems that supports both NTSC and PAL signals. CIF is part of the ITU H.261 videoconferencing standard. It specifies a data rate of 30 copy propagation.
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