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Definition of Copy Propagation for programmer: compiler, is the process of replacing the.


Definition Copy Propagation

Explanation COPY PROPAGATION: Copy propagation, a optimization technique in the program compiler, is the process of replacing the occurrences of targets of direct assignments with their values. A direct assignment is an instruction of the form x = y, which simply assigns the value of y to x. Copy propagation is a useful "clean up" optimization frequently used after other optimizations have already been run.

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Manual Cron:
Help Cron is a Unix application that runs jobs for users and administrators at scheduled times of the day copy propagation.
Manual CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing:
Help manufacturing (CAM) refers to using software to generate the instruction codes for a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine in order for it to cut out a shape designed in a computer-aided design copy propagation.
Manual CDDL: Common Development And Distribution License:
Help and Distribution License (CDDL) is an open source and Free software license, produced by Sun Microsystems, based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL), version 1.1. The CDDL was submitted for approval copy propagation.
Manual Crowd Simulation:
Help the process of simulating the movement of a large number of objects or characters, now often appearing in 3D computer graphics for film. The need for crowd simulation arises when a scene calls for copy propagation.
Manual Custom Software:
Help also called bespoke software, is software that was developed with a specific organization and its requirements in mind. Custom software is necessary when mass market software does not satisfy the copy propagation.
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