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Definition of PEEK and POKE for programmer: used for reading the contents of a memory cell at a.


Definition PEEK and POKE

Explanation PEEK AND POKE: In computing, PEEK is a BASIC programming language function used for reading the contents of a memory cell at a specified address. The corresponding command to set the contents of a memory cell is POKE.

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Manual Podcatcher:
Help computer program used to automatically download podcasts. It is a form of aggregator, and can also transfer received audio files to a portable media player. For example, the iTunes by Apple Computers peek and poke.
Manual Paint Program:
Help type of application that allows a user to "paint" on the computer screen. Using a mouse or other pointer, the user can select from various drawing and painting tools such as brushes, spray peek and poke.
Manual Pre-Emptive Multitasking:
Help multitasking, also known as preemptive multithreading, is a form of multitasking where the scheduler can interrupt and suspend ("swap out") the currently running task in order to start or peek and poke.
Manual People Aggregator:
Help A people aggregator is a social networking system derived from FOAF that uses open standards, network interconnectivity, and massive flexibility to decentralise social networking on the internet peek and poke.
Manual PC-DOS: Personal Computer-Disk Operating Mechanizm:
Help Disk Operating System(PC-DOS) is an operating system developed by Microsoft and supplied with IBM PCs. Microsoft also developed MS-DOS, a very similar operating system, to be used with non-IBM PCs peek and poke.
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