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Definition of RosAsm for programmer: GNU General Public License. The name stands for ReactOS.


Definition RosAsm

Explanation ROSASM: RosAsm is a 32-bit Win32 x86 assembler released under the GNU General Public License. The name stands for ReactOS ASseMbler, however is unrelated to that project. RosAsm is an IDE with full integration of assembler, linker, resource editor, debugger and disassembler. RosAsm packages the source code from which an executable was compiled directly within the portable executable files. Note: although RosAsm contains a linker for internal operation, it does not allow linking in external object modules other than DLLs, nor does it support the ability to produce object modules that can be linked with other programs.

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Manual RTSC: Read The Source Code:
Help Read the Source Code (RTSC) is an acronym often used when a software developer asks a question about undocumented code rosasm.
Manual Rpcdump:
Help Rpcdump is a Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool for displaying services registered with the remote procedure call (RPC) endpoint mapper rosasm.
Manual RUP: Rational Unified Process:
Help Process(RUP) is a software development methodology from Rational. Based on UML, RUP organizes the development of software into four phases, each consisting of one or more executable iterations of the rosasm.
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Help raconteur, was an artificial intelligence computer program that generated English language prose at random. Its existence was revealed to the world in 1984. The great sophistication claimed for the rosasm.
Manual ROBODoc:
Help documentation tool similar to javadoc. It is used to extract API documentation from source code. It can be used with any language that supports remarks and works by extracting specially formated rosasm.
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