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Definition of Software Life-Cycle for programmer: engineering, refers to the phases a software.


Definition Software Life-Cycle

Explanation SOFTWARE LIFE-CYCLE: Software life-cycle, a terms used in the software engineering, refers to the phases a software product goes through between when it is conceived and when it is no longer available for use. The software life-cycle typically includes the following: requirements analysis, design, construction, testing (validation), installation, operation, maintenance, and retirement.

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Manual Shockwave:
Help application that enables interactive and multimedia features, such as movies, sounds, and animations, to be embedded in Web pages. Shockwave allows developers to add items created with conventional software life-cycle.
Manual Software License:
Help is an agreemt with certain terms and conditions that grant permission to do things with computer software that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright law. If one does not follow the terms of the software life-cycle.
Manual Server Application:
Help Server applications are a type of software used by an application server in providing a service to a client. Server applications include web service applications, database applications, etc software life-cycle.
Manual Sproc: Stored Procedure:
Help also known as sproc, is a SQL program which is physically stored within a database and executed by calling it directly from the client or from a database trigger. The exact implementation of a stored software life-cycle.
Manual Scripting Languages:
Help commonly called scripting programming languages or script languages, are computer programming languages created to shorten the traditional edit-compile-link-run process. Early script languages were software life-cycle.
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