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Definition of XAD for programmer: unarchiving system. There is a master library called xadmaster.


Definition XAD

Explanation XAD: The XAD system is a open source client based archiving and unarchiving system. There is a master library called xadmaster.library which provides an interface between the client and the user application and there are clients handling the special archive formats. Three different types to handle file and disk archives and also disk image files (filesystem) are possible. They can be made by everyone. The master library itself includes some of these clients internally to make the work somewhat easier for the package maintainer and the user installing it.

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Manual Xxgdb:
Help Xxgdb is an open-source X Window System front-end for GNU Debugger (GDB). It was adapted from xdbx, which uses the dbx debugger xad.
Manual XMLTerm:
Help experimental Mozilla terminal", is a terminal program. XMLterm adds hypertext and graphical capabilities to the Xterm interface through the use of the extensible markup language (XML xad.
Manual XMMS: X Multimedia Mechanizm:
Help The X Multimedia System (XMMS) is a free audio player very similar to Winamp, that runs on many Unix-like operating systems xad.
Manual X.Org Fundation:
Help Foundation is an not-for-profit organization for the development of the X Window System. It was founded on 22 January 2004. The creation of the Foundation marked a radical change in the governance of xad.
Manual X Window Mechanizm:
Help a distributed, network-transparent, device-independent, multitasking windowing and graphics system originally developed by MIT for communications between X terminals and UNIX workstations. It xad.
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