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Definition of Xcode for programmer: environment (IDE) for developing applications and other.


Definition Xcode

Explanation XCODE: Xcode is Apple Computer's integrated development environment (IDE) for developing applications and other software for Mac OS X. It is shipped free with Mac OS X. First introduced on October 24, 2003 along with the release of Mac OS X v10.3, it extended and replaced Apple's earlier IDE, Project Builder, which was inherited from NeXT.

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Manual XView:
Help toolkit from Sun Microsystems introduced in 1988, providing an OPEN LOOK user interface for X Window System applications. It has the same look and feel of the earlier SunView system, and provides a xcode.
Manual XFCN: External Functions:
Help XFCN) is a plugin protocol of HyperTalk, which is native code containers attached to stacks (as Macintosh-specific resources) with a single entry point and return value. XFCNs could be called just xcode.
Manual XML Schema:
Help published as a W3C Recommendation in May 2001, is one of several XML schema languages. It was the first separate schema language for XML to achieve Recommendation status by the W3C. XML Schema can be xcode.
Manual XCMD: EXternal CoMmanD:
Help XCMD) is plugin protocol of HyperTalk which allows a user to develope HyperTalk command written in a language such as C or Pascal. XCMD is native code containers attached to stacks (as Macintosh xcode.
Manual XPCOM: Cross Platform Component Object Schemat:
Help Component Object Model(XPCOM) is a simple, cross platform component model similar to CORBA or Microsoft COM. It has multiple language bindings and IDL descriptions so programmers can plug their xcode.
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