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Bzip2, Byte-Code, Business Software, Bundled Software, Bug, Budget Range, Bst: Binary Search Tree.

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  • Compatible Backward definition What is versions of software or hardware that is compatible with earlier models or versions of the same product. A new version of a program is said
  • B2Evolution definition What is user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License
  • Backup definition What is Backup is the process of copying data, software or other digital information on a separate media in addition to its original storage
  • Recovery Backup definition What is of procedures that can restore lost data in the event of hardware or software failure. Routine backup of databases and logs of computer
  • Baitware definition What is to the software with very limited or defective functions which is made available gratis/free of charge. Baitware is released to deceptively
  • BASH: Bourne-Again Shell definition What is interactive UNIX shell based on the traditional Bourne shell, but with increased functionality. BASH is the shell, or command language
  • Basic definition What is designed by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz at Dartmouth College in 1963. It first ran on an IBM 704 on 1964-05-01. It was designed for
  • Bblog definition What is management system system written in PHP and utilizing a MySQL database. bBlog is used to manage frequently updated Web content, especially
  • BCNF: Boyce-Codd Normal Form definition What is structure and algorithm for the normalization of relational databases. BCNF requires that there be no non-trivial functional dependencies
  • BCX: Basic To C Translator definition What is source and free software, translates BASIC to C/C++ for compilation on various Win32 compilers. It is a small command line tool that takes
  • BDS C: BD Software C Compiler definition What is compiler for a sizeable subset of the C programming language, that ran on and generated code for the Intel 8080 and Zilog Z80 processors
  • Programming Bedroom definition What is programming practice which involves Software or Video Game development by one or a team of amateur programmers who program because they
  • Whistles And Bells definition What is those fancy features provided by an application. Typically, the term refers to features that are needed only in special cases or to
  • Design Software Berkely definition What is corporation which developed, sold licences to, and supported BSDi, a commercial and partially proprietary variant of the BSD operating
  • Software Bespoke definition What is made software products, including made-to-order software. Bespoke is a term used in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for an individually
  • Test Beta definition What is prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, and normally can involve sending the product to beta test sites
  • Version Beta definition What is release, usually represents the first version of a computer hardware or software that implements all features in the initial requirements
  • Betbug definition What is application that links users together so that they can share betting offers. BetBug effectively functions as a betting exchange. BetBug&#
  • BI software: Business Intelligence Software definition What is Software) is a kind of sotware that enables users to obtain enterprise-wide information more easily. BI software tightly integrates
  • Compatible Binary definition What is files produced by one application/system that are exactly the same as data files produced by another application at the binary format level
  • Tree Binary definition What is in which each node has at most two children. Typically the child nodes are called a "left" pointer, a "right" pointer
  • Time Binding definition What is decisions are made. In software programing, there are different types of binding times. Static or early binding happens at compile time and
  • Rot Bit definition What is used either to describe gradual decay of storage media or to facetiously describe the spontaneous degradation of a software program over
  • Bitcomet definition What is BitTorrent. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache
  • Bitlord definition What is supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits
  • Client Bittorrent definition What is program that is used to download and upload files via the BitTorrent protocol. The first BitTorrent client was BitTorrent itself, developed
  • Bloatware definition What is or fatware, is a type of software that requires lots of computer resources such as disk space and RAM. It is also used in a more general
  • Client Blog definition What is client, is a software that can manage (post, edit) blogs from operating system with no need to launch a web browser. A typical blog client
  • Blogware definition What is or blog software, is a category of software which consists of a specialized form of Content Management Systems specifically designed for
  • Software Martini Blue definition What is Software, Inc.) is a privately held software manufacturer and professional services provider based in San Mateo, California that sells and
  • BMRT: Blue Moon Rendering Tools definition What is RenderMan-compliant photorealistic rendering systems. It was distributed as freeware. BMRT was a popular renderer with students and other
  • BNF: Backus Naur Form definition What is as the Backus Naur formalism, Backus normal form, or Panini Backus Form, is a metasyntax used to express context-free grammars: that is, a
  • Boastmachine definition What is application and content management system written in PHP using a MySQL database backend. BoastMachine is used to create, publish and manage
  • Collector Garbage Boehm definition What is Weiser garbage collector, often simply known as Boehm GC, is a conservative garbage collector for C and C++, which is used by many projects
  • Bookmark definition What is facility for marking a specific place in electronic documentation to enable easy return to it. It is used in several types of software
  • Boolean definition What is English mathematician in the mid-19th century) is a complete mathematical logic system. Boolean logic and algebra has many applications in
  • Algebra Boolean definition What is structure (a collection of elements and operations on them obeying defining axioms) that captures essential properties of both set
  • And Boolean definition What is the Boolean algebra that is performed on a pair of one-digit binary numbers. The result is another one-digit binary number. For example, 1
  • Logic Boolean definition What is logical operations. It was named after George Boole, an English mathematician in the mid-19th century. Boolean logic has many applications
  • Or Boolean definition What is the Boolean algebra that is performed on a pair of one-digit binary numbers. The result is another one-digit binary number. For example, 0
  • Value Boolean definition What is datatype, is a primitive datatype having two values: one and zero (sometimes called true and false). It is the special case of a binary
  • Library Boost definition What is libraries that extend the functionality of C++. The libraries are licensed under the Boost Software License, a very open license designed
  • Bootstrapping definition What is Computer Programming to describe the techniques involved in writing a compiler (or assembler) in the target programming language which it
  • Bot: RoBOTic Computer Ccontrolled Entity definition What is entity that simulates an online or LAN multiplayer human deathmatch opponent, team deathmatch opponent or a cooperative human player
  • Design Up Bottom definition What is top down design, is one of the software design strategies in which individual parts of the system are specified in detail. The parts are
  • Elimination Checking Bounds definition What is compiler optimization useful in programming languages or runtimes that enforce bounds checking, the practice of consistently checking every
  • Cad Brl definition What is Geometry (CSG) solid modeling Computer-aided design (CAD) system. BRL-CAD includes an interactive geometry editor, ray tracing support for
  • Programing Force Brute definition What is primitive programming style in which the programmer relies on the computer's processing power instead of intelligence to simplify the
  • BSA: Business Software Alliance definition What is created by Microsoft in 1988, is an organization to combat software theft. The alliance includes the majority of leading software
  • Daemon Bsd definition What is #039;s mascot, named after a daemon, a type of software program common on Unix-like operating systems. The copyright of the BSD Daemon is
  • BSD license: Berkeley Software Distribution License definition What is license is a type of license agreement for free software (a subset of open source software). The BSD license is a permissive license and is
  • Os Bsd definition What is was a commercial version of the Berkeley Software Distribution operating system that had been developed by the University of California
  • BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution definition What is also known as Berkeley System Distribution, is the UNIX derivative distributed by the University of California, Berkeley starting in the
  • BSP: Board Support Package definition What is software package that is processor or platform dependent. Typically, sample source code for the BSP for various processors is provided by
  • BSS: Block Started aby Znak definition What is pseudo-instruction in UA-SAP (United Aircraft Symbolic Assembly Program), and the assembler was developed in the mid-1950s for the IBM 704
  • BST: Binary Search Tree definition What is ordered binary tree, is a type of binary tree where the nodes are arranged in order: for each node, all elements in its left subtree are
  • Range Budget definition What is software (usually video games) that is sold for a fraction (usually less than half) of a regular product price. While most of the software
  • Bug definition What is called software bug, is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working as intended, or
  • Software Bundled definition What is that comes free with the purchase of new hardware or with another purchased software. Bundled software usually is a variety of basic or
  • Software Business definition What is software program that helps a business increase productivity or measure their productivity. The term covers a large variation of uses
  • Code Byte definition What is an executable program, formed by a sequence of op code/data pairs. Byte-code is a sort of intermediate code that is more abstract than
  • Bzip2 definition What is compression algorithm and program developed by Julian Seward in 1996. The compressor's stability and popularity grew over the next

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