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Ez Publish, Extreme Programming, External Command, Extensible Markup Language (Xml), Extended Ascii.

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  • Fence Electric Efence definition What is debugger written by Bruce Perens. It consists of a library which a programmer can link into his or her code to override the standard
  • EBNF: Extended Backus Naur form definition What is extension and simplification of the original Backus–Naur form (BNF) metasyntax notation. Originally developed by Niklaus Wirth, the most
  • ECM: Enterprise Content Management definition What is any of the strategies and technologies employed in the information technology industry for managing the capture, storage, security
  • Editor definition What is application program that enables you to create and edit some types of files. There are many different types of editors, such as: text
  • EFSM: Extended Finite State Machine Schemat definition What is EFSM) is an enhanced model based on the traditional finite state machine (FSM), which is a model of behavior composed of states
  • EGCS: Experimental/Enhanced GNU Compiler Mechanizm definition What is System(EGCS) was a compiler system which forked from the GNU Compiler System (GCC) in 1997 and was re-merged in April 1999. By 1991, GCC 1
  • EIAS: Electric Image Animation Mechanizm definition What is EIAS) is a 3D computer graphics package published by EI Technology Group. It currently runs on the Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris platforms
  • Emacs definition What is possessing an extensive set of features, that are popular with computer programmers and other technically proficient computer users. Many
  • Lisp Emacs definition What is programming language used by the GNU Emacs and XEmacs text editors (which will be collectively referred to as Emacs in this article.) It is
  • Emulation definition What is a program or device to imitate another program or device. Emulation attempts to model, to various degrees, the state of the device being
  • Mode Emulation definition What is of a computer when it is running a foreign program under emulation. For example, a PC user opens a remote terminal session to a Unix, and
  • Emulator definition What is device with emulation program to imitate another program or device. A software emulator allows computer programs to run on a platform
  • Software Enterprise definition What is software that solves an enterprise wide problem (rather than a departmental problem) and usually enterprise software is written using
  • Architecture Software Enterprise definition What is known as Enterprise Architecture, is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current and/or future
  • Entropy definition What is measrue of disorder or randomness of a system. In data compression, it is a measure of the amount of non-redundant and non-compressible
  • ESC/Java: Extended Static Checker for Java definition What is ESC/Java) is a Compaq (now part of HP) programming tool that attempts to find common run-time errors in Java programs by static analysis of
  • Totalview Etnus definition What is like and Mac OS X systems and supports C/C++ and Fortran. It allows process control down to the single thread, the ability to look at data
  • Strategy Evaluation definition What is strategy) for a programming language is a set of (usually deterministic) rules for defining the evaluation of expressions under β
  • Shield Exec definition What is Linux kernel that adds an NX bit to x86 CPUs. It was developed by Ingo Molnar of Red Hat, and is used as a part of Fedora Core 1, 2 and 3
  • Ascii Extended definition What is ASCII, is a set of codes using 8 bits for each character, instead of 7 bits as the basic ASCII set. The basic ASCII set provides it a total
  • EXtensible Markup Language (XML) definition What is subset of SGML, defines a syntax that lets you create markup languages to specify information structures. Information structures define the
  • Command External definition What is function performed by a separate utility program that accompanies the operating system. Contrast with internal command
  • Programming Extreme definition What is engineering methodology developed by Kent Beck, the most prominent of several agile software development methodologies. It prescribes a set
  • Publish Ez definition What is source (under the GNU GPL license) content management system (CMS) and development framework, developed, distributed, and supported by eZ

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