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Kylix, Kvcd, Ktorrent, Kparts, Kpackage, Kompas-3D, Knowbot: Knowleage Robot, K-Meleon, Kis.

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  • Kazaa Lite K++ definition What is Kazaa Lite included K++, which added a memory patcher that removed search limit restrictions, multi-source limits, and set one's "
  • Kazaa Lite Resurrection definition What is Kazaa Lite, is a P2P file sharing client that supports the FastTrack P2P network. Kazaa Lite Resurrection is to continue the development
  • Kazaa Lite Revolution definition What is unauthorized FastTrack P2P network client. Kazaa Lite Revolution, instead of Kazaa Media Desktop, may be used to connect to FastTrack
  • Kazaa or Kazzaa definition What is free, peer-to-peer file sharing service over the Internet. To use Kazaa, a person downloads and installs a software client of Kazaa. Kazaa
  • K-Lite: Kazaa Lite definition What is peer-to-peer file-sharing computer program. Kazaa Lite is an unauthorized modification of the Kazaa Media Desktop application which
  • Karma definition What is is the name of a software package to aid signal processing and image processing for scientific applications
  • KDbg definition What is end for the GNU Debugger. KDbg is implemented using the K Desktop Environment (KDE) component architecture
  • KDE: K Desktop Environment definition What is desktop environment and development platform built with Trolltech's Qt toolkit. It runs on most Unix and Unix-like systems, such as
  • KDEAP: KDE Accessibility Project definition What is small on-line community of developers and other volunteers dedicated to ensure that the K Desktop Environment is accessible to all users
  • KDM: KDE Display Manager definition What is graphical login interface for computers using Unix-like operating systems. It is the K Desktop Environment replacement for X Window Display
  • Kernel definition What is the central part in most computer operating systems for the management of the system's resources and the communication between
  • Kernel Mode definition What is mode, is a privileged CPU mode. In kernel mode, the CPU may perform any operations provided for by its architecture, including any
  • Keyboard Macro definition What is group of definitions that allows short sequences of keystrokes to substitute long sequences of commands, and can automate repetitive tasks
  • Keyboard Mapping definition What is keyboard Layout or character mapping, is a table mapping which character is activated when a specific key on the keyboard is pressed
  • Keychan: Key Changer definition What is program/software, that can change a software license key to another key. A key changer is not illegal, since it only changes a key, which
  • Keygen: Key Generator definition What is program that will generate a key or serial or registration number for a piece of software or cryptographic algorithms. Keygens are made
  • KHTML definition What is developed by the K Desktop Environment (KDE) project.Built on the then new KPart framework, it was introduced with KDE2 in 2000, for use in
  • Killer App: Killer Application definition What is killer app, is a computer program that is so useful or desirable that it proves the value of some underlying technology, such as a gaming
  • KIS: Knowbot Information Service definition What is also known as netaddress, is a knowbot that provides a uniform user interface to a variety of remote directory services such as whois
  • K-Meleon definition What is Mozilla Foundation to provide a light-weight browser running under Microsoft Windows by using the operating system's native interface
  • Knowbot: Knowleage Robot definition What is program that will search a system or a network, such as the Internet, seeking and retrieving information on behalf of a user and reporting
  • KOMPAS-3D definition What is Ascon Group with the main task of modeling products for design cycle reduction and their fastest way into the mass production. The main
  • Kpackage definition What is for K Desktop Environment (KDE). It supports RPM and KISS, as well as Debian, Slackware, BSD and Gentoo packages. It provides a GUI for
  • Kparts definition What is framework for the K desktop environment(KDE). KParts are based on the concepts of Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding. Konsole
  • Ktorrent definition What is KTorrent is a BitTorrent client written in C++ for K desktop environment (KDE), thus using the Qt toolkit. 
  • KVCD definition What is the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video standards for encoding digital video. It is compatible with a number of stand-alone DVD players, though this is
  • Kylix definition What is Corporation's Delphi and C++ Builder development environments for Microsoft Windows. Kylix allows programmers to develop software

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