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Rzip, Rup: Rational Unified Process, Runtime Library, Runtime Error, Runtime Environment, Runtime.

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  • R Programming Language definition What is described as "GNU S", is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It was
  • Racter: Raconteur definition What is artificial intelligence computer program that generated English language prose at random. Its existence was revealed to the world in 1984
  • Rainlender definition What is application that displays a calendar on the desktop. It also can maintain events and a to-do list. It is popular because it uses few system
  • RAR: Roshal Archive definition What is ARchive, is a proprietary file format for data compression and archiving, which was developed by Eugene Roshal (hence the name RAR: Roshal
  • RDBMS: Relational Database Management Mechanizm definition What is RDBMS) is a database management system (DBMS) that is based on the relational model as introduced by Edgar F. Codd. However commercial
  • RealSky definition What is atlas, which is a subset of the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) published in 1996 by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. RealSky is
  • Recursive definition What is refers to software that calls itself. Recursion should generally be avoided in an embedded system, since it frequently requires a large
  • Redundant Code definition What is code, refers to the code in a computer program that is executed but has no effect on the output of a program, because this piece of code
  • Reentrant definition What is be executed multiple times simultaneously. A reentrant function can be safely called recursively or from multiple tasks. The key to making
  • Refactoring definition What is a computer program or other material to improve its structure or readability, while explicitly preserving its meaning or behavior. For
  • Register Allocation definition What is allocation is the process of multiplexing a large number of target program variables onto a small number of CPU registers.Most computer
  • Register Spilling definition What is program compilation where there are more live variables than the register can hold. When a compiler is generating machine code and there
  • Regression Testing definition What is software testing which seeks to uncover regression bugs. Regression bugs occur whenever software functionality that previously worked as
  • Relational Database definition What is structured in accordance with the relational model. Strictly speaking the term refers to a specific collection of data but it is invariably
  • Relational Schemat definition What is model invented by Edgar Codd, is a data model for database management based on predicate logic and set theory. The fundamental assumption
  • Rematerialization definition What is optimization method which saves time by recomputing a value instead of loading it from memory. It is typically tightly integrated with
  • Remote Control Software definition What is software used in remote administration to allow use of computers or other hardware at a separate location. A typical use is to control a
  • Renegade BBS definition What is BBS) written for IBM PC-compatible computers running MS-DOS. It was written in Pascal by Cott Lang and gained popularity in the early 1990s
  • Report Writer definition What is generator, is a program, usually part of a database management system, that extracts information from one or more files and presents the
  • Repository Open Service Interface Definition definition What is Definition (OSID) is an O.K.I. specification which defines the storing and retrieving of digital content, referred to as Assets. OSIDs are
  • Revision Control definition What is control or source control, is the management of multiple revisions of the same unit of information and information systems. It is most
  • Revision Control Mechanizm definition What is multiple revisions to a single unit of information, typically a digital document containing source code. It is most commonly used in
  • Rewind definition What is implement a compatibility layer for the Microsoft Windows API on UNIX with X11. It supports FreeBSD, Solaris and Linux. It grew out of the
  • RISC iX definition What is system designed to run on the Acorn Archimedes R140, R225 and R260 models. These are fundamentally similar to the A440 (later A440/1) and
  • RISC OS: Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating Mechanizm definition What is Operating System(RISC OS) is a Graphical user interface-based operating system for ARM-processor based computers or similar devices. RISC
  • RKWard definition What is frontend to the R programming language, a very powerful, yet hard-to-get-into scripting-language with a strong focus on statistic functions
  • ROBODoc definition What is to javadoc. It is used to extract API documentation from source code. It can be used with any language that supports remarks and works by
  • Robustness definition What is robustness is the resilience of the system, especially when under stress or when confronted with invalid input. For example, an operating
  • ROFUG: Romanian FreeBSD Users Group definition What is also known as Romanian Free Unix Group, is a FreeBSD user group with the main objective to form a Romanian user community centered around
  • RosAsm definition What is released under the GNU General Public License. The name stands for ReactOS ASseMbler, however is unrelated to that project. RosAsm is an
  • Rosegarden definition What is audio workstation program developed for Linux with ALSA and KDE. It acts as an audio and MIDI sequencer, scorewriter and musical
  • Routine definition What is also called subroutine or function or procedure, is a section of a program that performs a particular task. Programs consist of modules
  • Rpcdump definition What is Rpcdump is a Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool for displaying services registered with the remote procedure call (RPC) endpoint mapper
  • rsh: Remote Shell Protocol definition What is protocol that allows a user to execute commands on a remote system without having to log in to the system. For example, rsh can be used to
  • RTM: Release to Manufacturing definition What is software industry, refers to the process of providing the version of a software product to manufacturers to bundle into future versions of
  • Rtorrent definition What is BitTorrent client written in C++, based on the libTorrent libraries. for Unices, with a focus on high performance and good code. The
  • RTOS: Real-Time Operating Mechanizm definition What is operating system designed specifically for use in real-time systems and applications. Examples include embedded applications (programmable
  • RTSC: Read the Source Code definition What is Read the Source Code (RTSC) is an acronym often used when a software developer asks a question about undocumented code
  • Ruby Programming Language definition What is reflective, object-oriented programming language. It combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like object-oriented features, and
  • Runtime definition What is time describes the operation of a computer program, the duration of its execution, from beginning to termination (compare compile time
  • Runtime Environment definition What is science, is a virtual machine state which provides software services for processes or programs while a computer is running. It may pertain
  • Runtime Error definition What is errors that exposed when the program is running. Logical errors and array bounds checking are examples. For this reason, some programming
  • Runtime Library definition What is refers to a collection of utility functions which support a program while it is running, working with the operating system to provide
  • RUP: Rational Unified Process definition What is software development methodology from Rational. Based on UML, RUP organizes the development of software into four phases, each consisting
  • Rzip definition What is based on bzip2. rzip operates in two stages. The first stage finds and encodes large chunks of duplicated data over potentially very long

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